I could not recommend Deborah highly enough.

When I first started seeing Deb I was suffering very bad anxiety which was even leading into depression, from the very first session I had with Deb I felt I was not just another number or read to from a script, I felt a truely personal connection.
Together we were able to work out what worked and what empowered me with the tools to recognise and deal with my anxiety.
Deborahs guidance has made my life flip around to now see the positive in every day life and she has really helped me improve my mental health and life quality!

Such genuine support and care, Thankyou 🙂

Ashleigh H.

Deborah started work with my daughter and I have seen so much positive change in her. Where psychologists failed – through no fault of their own – Deborah is helping my daughter find her best self and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks Deb

Amanda R.

Oh man. this lady, she helps me so much She told me there is something in your past when you were a child you need to find out. I asked my mum and there was. Now knowing this I have changed how I view everyone. They are not here to hurt me.

Monica M.

It was amazing to know how deeply Deborah works to understand her clients and help them through their lives. She is so warm and calm in her approach. Certainly feel free to have a chat to.

Aarati NM

Deborah Dickenson isan amazing human being she is kind and compassionate and extremely patient. Sheslowly but surely brings out your pain points and helps you heal from insideand out!

Jerestene Saher 

Deb is fantastic to work with. She is extremely easy to connect with and offers great patience and understanding to achieve the professional results with her clients.
Deb offers great structure and support mechanisms that can be set and achieved to accomplish personal and business goals in the most caring manner.
Thankyou so much Deb!!

Nathan M.

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