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At Deborah H Dickinson Coaching we know you are the kind of person who wants to be back in the driver’s seat and in control, driving the desires that have your life playing out the way you had always dreamed it to be.  In order to be that way, you need to find your internal C.O.M.P.A.S.S that will guide you in which direction to take next.  The problem is feeling like you’re living a double life, going through the motions at work and then overcompensating with home and personal life to fill the void or vice versa is work getting the best of you and your personal relationships suffering,  we all need a balance not success without fulfilment.

We believe progress equals happiness, when one part of your life doesn’t deliver, you can be assured that it also appears in all other parts of your life in one way or another.  There comes a time when you question, have I reached a place of success with a feeling of no self fulfilment.  We understand and we know as we move through the varying stages of life we build up a suit of armour and belief systems that no longer serve us and that’s why the “Remove Your Armour” program, safe in the knowledge that we will always have your back, is perfect to leave behind the guilt of knowing you have already sacrificed too much, the frustration and overwhelm to put you back in control with more; Confidence, taking  Ownership, building on your Mindset for success, becoming Purpose driven,  taking massive Action, building Security and Success with an abundant sense of fulfilment for you and your family.

How does it work? 

Working with you, we start a deep dive/purge allowing you to unwind and unravel your limiting beliefs.  You are now reconnecting with your inner self and starting to see what your true purpose and direction are. With this new found knowledge you are empowered to transition and emerge as a conscious creator with absolute certainty of who you are and all that  you have desired is possible.

” We’ve got your back with every step you take”

So, enough is enough your time is NOW: book the call and chat with Deborah directly so you can stop the stress that has been building from the fear of losing your job, reputation or relationships and start backing yourself again.  Take control of your C.O.M.P.A.S.S   “Remove Your Armour” live life your way. 

“One Day or Day One, you decide?” Paulo Coelho

Being on purpose
Empowering the Authentic YOU!

How do I know I need a life coach?
  • Feeling all over the place, unable to focus
  • Not achieving your goals you set every year
  • Is fear holding you back
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Going through a major transition
Life coaching will help me....
  • Get clarity on what is important
  • See, hear and feel what has been holding me back
  • Understand internal dialogue
  • Determine my direction by reconnecting with my core values
  • Create a mindset for success and life
  • Provide me with the tools and strategies to empower me to take action & keep moving forward
How long should I work with a life coach for?
  • This depends entirely on the reason you chose to work with a life coach, what your situation is.
  • As a guide only:
  • Short term goal e.g. time critical,
  • Long term goal e.g. specific thing to work through that is holding you back.
  • May range between 6 to 20 weeks
  • Sessions frequency, often start weekly or bi-weekly and then become fortnightly
  • Length of session, 30 to 60 mins


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