Deborah Dickinson

The Feminine Warrior | Helping you find what you truly want out of life
I help female corporate leaders balance work and motherhood. Working 1:1 towards taking back control of your life so you can start deliberately living YOU.
The first step is EMBRACE 👉 Awareness, Acknowledgment and Acceptance
Second step – ELEVATE 👉 Breaking the barriers, Consistent standards, Conscious choices and Ego aware
Third step – EMERGE 👉 Aligned to your desires, Owning your significance, Creating your reality and Living action.

What we do

How do I know I need a life coach?

• Feeling all over the place, unable to focus
• Not achieving your goals you set every year
• Is fear holding you back
• Not feeling good enough
• Going through a major transition

Life coaching will help me....

• Get clarity on what is important
• See, hear and feel what has been holding me back
• Understand internal dialogue
• Determine my direction by reconnecting with my core values
• Create a mindset for success and life
• Provide me with the tools and strategies to empower me to take action & keep moving forward

How long should I work with a life coach for?

• This depends entirely on the reason you chose to work with a life coach, what your situation is.
• As a guide only:
• Short term goal e.g. time critical,
• Long term goal e.g. specific thing to work through that is holding you back.
• May range between 6 to 20 weeks
• Sessions frequency, often start weekly or bi-weekly and then become fortnightly
• Length of session, 30 to 60 mins


My mission in life is to build a foundation to help school children in regional areas of New Zealand and Australia to have the same opportunities regardless of being disadvantaged by financial restrictions. I want every child to discover their talents and dreams.

Our Services

"I've got your back with every step you take"

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