How one belief impacted my choices

Deborah Dickinson

How one belief impacted my advancement in work, avoiding courses and conferences I really wanted to do or attend.

That one belief was, it takes me too long to read a book therefore “I cannot read books”.

This is not when I made this a limiting belief, but this is the one I consciously remember, affecting me the most. Almost 13 years ago, I was promoted for which I was very grateful. The next step was attending an intense leadership course. I was really excited about it, I couldn’t wait to get started. Day 1 was great, I was feeling pumped. Day 2, 15 minutes in and my excitement levels plummeted to the floor. We had 4 weeks to read two books, they were both over 250 pages.

I am not a reader and most definitely not a speed reader I was not going to get this done, I will fail. So, what happened next, my subconscious behaviour of “I am not good enough” played out, like it had so many times before. I found all the excuses as to why I could not attend and then eventually dropped out.

Knowing what I know now, this impacted my life for at least another 10 years. What I am so comfortable with now is knowing, yes, I caused those missed opportunities because I was living my life in “effect” and now if I want something I need to life my in “cause”.

One thing that is common across all people that are successful and one of the first pieces of advice they will give you is read books.

Dealing with limiting beliefs and overcoming obstacles to achieve the outcome you want has been part of my transformation. I didn’t so much learn to read any faster, what I did was find another way to get the information I struggled to read, Audio Books.

I love that now, I no longer fear having to pick up a book I now cannot wait to start the next book. In the last 12 months I have listened intently to more than 30 books and my list of books to pick up next is never less than seven.

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