“How dog hair kicked me out my procrastination and reset my mindset”

Deborah Dickinson

Dog hair. We have a Shar-Pei mix and of course she would have the shedding trait of the Shar-Pei. Even though they don’t shed all year round they do shed twice a year, seasonal, it is so overwhelming just how much they shed at these times – I better vacuum.

Vacuuming done and as I pick up the vacuum and therefore get closer the floor I see all this dog hair, OMG so when I look closer, the vacuum has only picked up the surface and all this hair is matted into the carpet, so I got on the floor and with the nozzle I vacuumed again until I was satisfied for today.

This took me hours so I knew to make this easier I had to be consistent and ensure I vacuumed daily.

In each room I vacuumed as one normally does, and then went over it again this time only using the nozzle, getting closer to the floor there was so much more to see so much more to collect with the vacuum, scrubbing back and forth lifting more of the dog hair that was matted into carpet it just needed a bit of encouragement to bring to the surface. It was exciting myself because this was the best metaphor that helped me loosen the grip on what I had been procrastinating about or more so what was holding me back from taking control of my future.

🐕 I can skim through over my life’s dreams and desires and only do what I want to do, effortlessly – surface vacuum

🐕 Own the outcome and be fully present and be prepared to learn more – use nozzle instead of vacuum head and pick up the hair that is embedded

🐕 Make a a consistent ritual so it become easier each time – vacuum daily makes it easier to do each day

🐕 Dig deeper and and you will find what you left behind – Nozzle scrubbing motion and force out what you can’t see

Outcome – Admitting where I am at right now, learn to say “NO” to myself, recognising you can’t help everyone, always be the student even when you’re the teacher, rituals are key, focus and be present, everything is in front of me, look ahead only, shut everything down when working.

Thank you my gorgeous Sarabi because having you you kicked me out of my own way.