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Deborah Dickinson is a Mindset Life coach and founder of Deborah Dickinson Coaching.  She helps people increase confidence to make positive rapid changes to move forward.
Deborah says “as we move through life we build up a suit of armour that no longer serves us, my Remove Your Armour program, is perfect for people wanting to move out of overwhelm, stress and burnout to be more confident and empowered knowing that the life they have desired is possible.”  If you’re wanting to Remove Your Armour click here.  Deborah’s clients describe her as being sensitive, warm, and a dynamic trained professional.

I am based in Werribee South, Melbourne Australia.  My services are online and therefore geographical location is not limited.
My client base is located Australia –  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth
New Zealand – Auckland, Wellington and Far North


Deb is fantastic to work with. She is extremely easy to connect with and offers great patience and understanding to achieve the professional results with her clients.Deb offers great structure and support mechanisms that can be set and achieved to accomplish personal and business goals in the most caring manner.Thankyou so much Deb!!

Nathan M.

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